Dynojet Research

Rich at Backstreet Performance in Medina, Ohio called me about a problem he was having with a corvette. I stopped up and Rich said the 383 wasn’t getting any real power. I looked in the end of the sidepipe and saw the culprit…reverse flow mufflers. 

A set of STS Baffles would change that. Out with the old (much work), in with the new STS Baffles. The owner wanted more power than DB control, so off came the center tube caps…back to the Dyno.
With Reverse flow:
240.67 RWHP
280.57 RWT

With STS Baffles:
358.38 RWHP
372 RWT

Regained 117.71 RWHP & 91.82 RWT.

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“Holy Smokes, side pipe baffles woke up the 533 incher…. Big time. I was running hooker reverse flow muffler inserts, not bad, but very quit. Today got a hold of some baffles, just a little bit louder that the Hooker inserts, but let me tell you, what a sounds. The sound is out of this world. That’s not all, I could idle at 700, but the car would jump all over the place, so I set the idle at 900. These baffles produce no back pressure, adjusted the idle back to 700, and 533 idles just as smooth as my Catera. Wait there’s more. I had a hard time reaching the 5K rev line. The rev’s would climb to 4500, no problem, but after that, it would labor to 5000 and die. Drove me nuts. Adjusted the timing, valve lash, everything, Jim comes along with the baffles, “Here son, try these, and kiss your troubles away”. Okee dokee, let’s give them a shot. Put them on and nailed it, almost lost it, as the revs climbed past 6500 and the car was going sideways, and I hit second, and up to 6500. 

Man, talk about a perpetual grin on your face. 

Gonna wash da car and go looking fer a Viper tonight.

Hey, Jim, fantastic work on the Baffles, mucho thanks for the ever lasting grin.” G.Daina

”WOW is the word or to quote G.DAINA-HOLY SMOKES. It feels like a different motor, the horsepower and torque difference is something you can really feel, all the way though the RPM range. Right off of idle I could feel it, the more gas I gave it the more it wanted. The horsepower and torque gains were more then I expected and the sound is unbeatable. This is what Hooker Sidepipes should sound like, louder then the reverse flow mufflers, but no were near as loud as the CCI inserts. My thanks to Jim for making a great looking exhaust system work as good as it looks. 
Thanks again Jim.” 1RED1


I bought a pair for my ZZ/502 1979 ‘vette. They work GREAT, and sound GREAT. Also, there was a large hp gain over the Hooker glasspack inserts. The guy’s forum name is JCL.



Last year I ran a best of 13.50 at 103.50 mph….. but with only the addition of the STS Baffles, the mph went from 103.50 to 105.50 consistently. I am definitely making more HP. The motor is running as it was supposed to. Thanks for coming across with a quality product that was needed. UPDATE: A new best of 13.04 at 107.15mph I can smell a 12.99 but it was not to happen. Your baffle inserts have unleashed so much power, I busted a U-joint! My best mph is now 107.15 from a best of 103.5 with the Hooker mufflers. No other changes to the motor, just the baffle inserts.
Charles Kwas

JCL, I was extremely disappointed with my Hooker Reverse Flow Mufflers. They sounded horrible, and seemed to choke the motor from achieving its true performance potential. After receiving my Baffles I wanted to write and thank you for making such a quality product. I was truly impressed with the workmanship. After installing your STS baffles, I was completely amazed. It sounded like it was supposed to, and the motor came alive. My 383 feel like a completely different motor. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, help me out. It’s rare that you find a vendor so willing to help and offering such quality products at competitive prices. Best wishes always.
Provided by members of the C3 www.corvetteforum.com

I have a 71 BB vert and yes headers make a diff. they are hooker 4 to 1 and side pipes. the inside stays cooler, the floor does not get anywhere near as hot. I bought a set of spiral inserts from a forum member and the fit and finish was great. you can feel the diff in the seat of the pants. a lot of times you can make a mod like a K&N air filter that makes more hp but you can’t feel it with headers and the right inserts you can deff tell.
Robert Kirk