Mortorcycle Application

Spiral Turbo Specialties is introducing it’s well known 2.25″ and 2.50″ Stainless Steel baffles to the motorcycle market.

Made from 304 SS, and an easy attaching method, they will take off the edge on many different types of bikes on the market. These are not meant to make a bike quiet, but rather just more tolerable especially on longer runs. When a higher level of sound is needed, under throttle is when this happens. The driver is in control of that level, and that’s the way it should be. Some bikes are not even sound, but just become noise only.

The pictures show a 2.25″ SS pipe 12.0″ long that has been swedged on one end to fit into the straight pipes of the ” CHROME ” bike shown. The STS Baffles bolt into the pipe, and then a simple mounting method can be achieved for that particular application. Each one will have a little different way to mount, but easily performed.

The two SS pipes were polished to chrome like finish, and they really blend into a one piece pipe look. This bike still sounds great, but just has a little edge taken off. Throttle brings it up to that open pipe feel.

Fitting STS Baffles Into Your Motorcycle Muffler

There are many other ways to fit the STS Baffles into YOUR application, generally very simple to achieve. The SS pipes are not included with the STS Baffles. There are many places to purchase SS pipe. If you need help, I can point you in many directions.

Call me…………JCL @ 330.321.1918

The picture shown (inset-top right), shows the baffles already mounted in the SS pipes looking from the end. Simple, easy, great sound, not a power robber like some products on the market.

Thanks to Jon Wrights CustomChrome Plating in Grafton, Ohio for being the guinea pig for this motorcycle application. Jon’s stable of vehicles appears on the top pages of my web site. Every one has an STS Baffle system, from 2.25″ all the way up to 10.0″ on the motor coach.

The Right Sound. The Right Power.

Thanks! JCL

(2.25") STSM.2518S16$280.00/pair
(2.5") STSM.518S16$280.00/pair

*All prices include shipping and handling in the continental United States.