Street Rod Side Pipes

More and more street rodders are looking for a different exhaust set up depending on what type car they have. Side pipes seem to be coming around more due to the great look and ease of installation. Once that is established some type of insert needs to be checked out. Something that has a great sound for your car, and does not rob you of the horsepower we all want.

The two cars pictured are a 32 Ford and a 33 Williys (race car de-tuned for the street) look great. Side pipes add that different look. Some of the guys want shorter side pipes, and some want the full length they have available. Both of the street rods shown are 4.0″ side pipes. These lengths would take an STS 4.0″ X 30.0″ baffle. We do also have
a 3.5″ X 30.0″ baffles for those wanting a little smaller diameter side pipe for their car. We do have shorter lengths for those other set ups. (check web site)



The Right Sound

The Right Power

(4.0") Side Pipes 4" x 30"$450.00/pair
(3.5") Side Pipes 3.5" x 30"$450.00/pair
*Shipping and handling add $45*

These STS exhaust baffles will handle 300HP to 900+ with no problem. Built from 304SS including hardware and USA Made.
Need more information? Call Jim at STS and find out how this type system will work on your street rod. 330.321.1918
Thanks, Jim   (JCL)