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Finally sold my 55 Chevy 150 post car a couple of months ago, so it was time to really start looking for a replacement. I had my mind set on a ” newer ” hot rod this time around. Looked at several Cadiliac CTV-V’s, (2009) but just too much money, and I was not totally impressed with some of the features.

I did happen to run across a 2008 Pontiac G8-GT (6.0 liter) with very low miles. Couldn’t pass up to go and check her out. 7368 miles and perfect shape. Made the deal and the G8 was headed back to the shop.

Didn’t take long for plans of bolt on modifications, and the first one being the easiest for me was an axle-back exhaust set up. All changes would be dyno tested so any improvement could be seen on the dyno sheets. Costly but the only way. First test was BONE STOCK. Results and pictures later.

The stock exhaust was so quiet that you really couldn’t tell if the car was running. Not the sound for a 6.0 liter V8. Laid out the drawings for what I wanted and headed to Busy Bee Muffler shop for Jr’s touch at bending up a short axle back set up. VERY simple system (See photo above). One curved pipe, and one straight pipe. We first tried the STS 2.5″ baffles, but just wasn’t quite what I wanted for sound. Replaced the 2.5″ straight pipe with a 3.0″ and a 3.0″ X 12.0″ STS SS Baffle. Fired this up and sweet sound was present.

Time for a quick run down the road for any ” drone ” present. I am very particular about this part with any exhaust set up. Generally it’s in that 2000-2200 rpm range that this happens. With the 2.92 rear end it’s hard to get to that point unless your above 85+. I did not get any resonance that was not acceptable at 75 or higher. I think all after market set ups will have that problem. You just need to control it as much as possible.

OK enough with the beginnings. There were many runs, but I will show the most pertenate results.

Test # 001 BONE STOCK….285.37 RWHP & 308.11 RWT- 7400 miles and 87 Octane fuel. Click here to view

Test # 013 302.92 RWHP & 318.88 RWT- Spiral Turbo 3.0″ X 12.0″ exhaust baffles. Still 87 Octane fuel. Click here to view

Test # 018 311.70 RWHP & 333.48 RWT- Tuned for 91+ Octane. The rest like the previous test. Good jump with better fuel. Click here to view

Conclusion: These were great gains for adding a set of STS Baffles. Pricing for the fabricated pieces, clamps, and tips is pretty inexpensive considering what’s available on the market at much higher cost’s. I do not plan on changing anything towards the engine. The rest of the exhaust will fit MY needs. Others might add more for their liking. CAI will be the next modification for the G8.

Future additions next year will probably be a new LS3/376/480. These will get me into the 400+ RWHP & RWT areas that I want to end up with. For me supercharging is just not something that I need for the street.

If you have any questions as to applications for the STS Baffles, don’t hesitate to call me at 330.321.1918, or e-mail at jcl79383@aol.com Thanks for considering STS for your next project. Sizes from 2.25″ to 8.0″ diameters avaliable .

Thanks! JCL

(3.0") STS31.2512S$295.00/pair

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