Hello from Spiral Turbo Specialties!

Please browse our site for information on STS Exhaust Baffles. You will see many of the applications and advantages of how the baffles can enhance your cars performance.

Sreet Rod, Muscle Car, Motorcycles, Pickup Trucks, Sports Cars, and more. We have a baffle that will work for your application.

Get a Drone from an existing muffler. You can probably do away with your after-market muffler, or add the STS Baffle behind the muffler and you’ll remove the resonance. It also saves weight and space.

This small, service oriented company sells world-wide but always puts each customer first. Established in 2000 all baffles are made in USA from a patented design. Owner, Jim, is happy to discuss any application or questions. Just call 330-321-1918 (ET).


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Happy Cruising,
Jim Laughlin,