le! I never realized how much power and performance was being robbed by the stock baffles. And the best part is the sound. I drilled a 5/16″ hole as a starting point and the result is a perfect rumble at idle, even tone at cruise and an all out assault when opened up! Great product and I would recommend them to anyone with side mount hookers…

“Thanks Jim, first class customer service.


Dear JCL, Holy F~*#in Horsepower! It was nice to get rid of those nine year old glass paks. The STS Baffles are the right thing for side pipes. The sound is perfect and at full acceleration the front endof my Vette wanted to jump off the pavement. The power difference is definitely noticable. Thank you for thew great product. Making noise….


Just wanted to let you know the baffles sound GREAT! They quieted the Saleen down just enough so my wife likes it but still loud enough so people turn their heads before I arrive. Great sound. Thanks for making the Mustang the best sounding around metro Atlanta. Yea, they sound great on Fords.

David A.

The exhaust you sent meets the criteria required by my dogs and wife. Yes the system does seem to pull the exhaust out of the engine………….I really believe it helped the bottom end………….Even our neighbor has made a comment about the different sound. thanks you

Big Block in Fairborn

Hey JCL…installed your turbos and am very happy with both sound and performance. Good Job! Thank you.” Tom Gordon, Key West, FL”Jim, baffles were installed today. Sounds great! You might want to send a card to the shop that is doing the resto on my ’72. They were pretty impressed with the sound. Mid Cities Classics in Hurst, TX. The owner is Jim Welch, working on vettes for over 20 years. (817) 685-9433 S. Pipline Rd., Ste A, Hurst, TX 76053.

Robert Chancwds

Baffles on my Cobra
“Finally got the baffles installed on my car last week. Do they sound better than the stock mufflers from BDR? Heck yes–they get rid of that wuss glasspack sound.”

Bill S.

69 Corvette 
I had the Hooker side mount exhaust with the Hooker mufflers in them, looked great but sounded like a Toyota……….so I installed the new Spiral Turbo Baffles from you and did not drill out the center end cap at all. Installation was simple, and the minute we fired the Vette up we knew this was it!!!! The sound was awesome. It really woke up the Vette………….no dyno needed. The car had way more power than it ever had before. I can’t wait to get a set of these in one of my 442’s!! Thanks for your help and Great products. 

Derrick H.